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Sony updates PS3 to version 4.00 ahead of PS Vita launch

Sony is setting the table for the PlayStation Vita today, with the release of a new PS3 update. With version 4.00, rolling out now, PS3 users will be able to share content like music, video and images with the forthcoming Vita, scheduled to launch in Japan on December 17th. The refresh also allows gamers to [...]

iFixit’s Galaxy Nexus Teardown Reveals a Dirty NFC Secret [Android]

The axe-wielding maniacs over at iFixit are tearing Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus limb from limb! O, the humanity! If you’ve been eager to see what makes Google’s new flagship beast tick, here’s your photographic anatomy lesson. More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/g0HCWrSOX2s/ifixits-galaxy-nexus-teardown-reveals-a-dirty-nfc-secret LAWSON SOFTWARE LAND SOFTWARE LAM RESEARCH L1 IDENTITY SOLUTIONS KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY COMPANY

Pioneer S-DJ05 Monitors—This Is What Awesome Sounds Like [Lightning Review]

Making music, mixing beats, tweaking demo tapes—if you do any of these on your computer you’ll want to give the S-DJ05′s a listen. More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/qKbFwFjYAuk/pioneer-s+dj05-monitor-speakers-lightning-review YAHOO YAHOO XILINX WESTERN DIGITAL VOLT INFORMATION SCIENCES

Words With Friends for Android updated, promises “smoother game experience”

As several of you noted in the comments to our post asking for cross-platform iOS/Android games, Words With Friends for Android does not provide the smoothest gaming experience… and that’s being rather charitable. You might be happy to hear that a couple of days ago Zynga released an update which promises to solve many of [...]

Mac OS X Lion Preview 2 released, introduces mega exciting leather bound iCal skin

This is one of those posts that could probably be condensed into a tweet: Apple has released the second Preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. If you’re running Preview 1, it looks like you’ll first receive a small update via Software Update, and then you can download Preview 2 from the Mac App Store. [...]

Next Kinect Could Be a Lot More Understanding

The next generation of Microsoft’s Kinect input device may be able to read users’ lips and emotions. The forthcoming device, which is expected to come bundled with Xbox consoles, reportedly will not just sense motions the way the current Kinect generation does, but will also allow games to read lips, recognize which way players are [...]

Burrito Bison is a simple game for gummy bear lovers

Burrito Bison is a pretty simple game, but if you’re into gummy bears you might find it addictive. As you may have guessed from the name, you’re a bison (not a burrito, though). In the course of your day-to-day grocery shopping, you’re abducted into a bag of gummy bears, and must now fend for yourself. [...]

GNOME 3 released, ushers in an interesting amalgam of iOS and OS X

GNOME 3, after more than two years of development, has been released into the wild. GNOME 3 is not merely the logical successor of GNOME 2: it is an entirely new project, started from scratch, to create a “completely new, modern desktop designed for today’s users and technologies.” The best way to check out GNOME [...]

The Wonderful World of Christmas

Source: http://elvispresleygalore.blogspot.com/2008/01/wonderful-world-of-christmas.html ACCENTURE ACER ADOBE SYSTEMS ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS

Our Special Guest This Sunday… ED BONJA!!!

Source: http://essentialelvis.blogspot.com/2011/04/our-special-guest-this-sunday-ed-bonja.html SYNTAXBRILLIAN SYNOPSYS SYNNEX SYMANTEC SYKES ENTERPRISES INORATED

Dee Stanley’s eBook

Source: http://elvisdecoded.blogspot.com/2010/10/dee-stanleys-book.html ALLTEL AMAZONCOM AMERICA MOVIL AMKOR TECHNOLOGY AMPHENOL

Firefox 4 rockets to 5% global usage share, IE9 wallows at 1.5%

Using some early numbers from both StatCounter and Net Applications, Mozilla’s noisiest hominid, Asa Dotzler, has illustrated Firefox 4′s meteoric rise to around 5% of Web browser global usage share. Internet Explorer 9, which launched two weeks ago, seems to be enjoying a much more casual stroll in the park with just 1.5% of the [...]

Apple Tops Android In Mobile Ad Performance, But Windows Phone Still Leads The Pack

Mobile ad optimization platform Smaato, Inc. released the results of its mobile ad report for Q3 2011 today and found that, for the third consecutive quarter, Windows Phone (156) led the company’s “Smaato Index,” a measure of mobile operating system click-through rates. In second place was RIM (113), which has now overtaken both Apple (89) and Android [...]

Photographer Uses Google+ to Reunite a Drowned Camera with Its Owner [Cameras]

The camera you see here just spent a year at the bottom of Deep Bay but is now home thanks to the efforts of a nature photographer and the power of social networks. Here’s how he did it. More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/0SIW5F0J-GA/photographer-uses-google%252B-to-reunite-a-drowned-camera-with-its-owner TIBCO SOFTWARE TIBCO SOFTWARE THQ TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TERADATA

Nintendo looks to keep you warm, bundled even, with two more 3DS packages

So you’ve got a few folks on your holiday shopping list that just aren’t Zelda fans. You can still spring for some Nintendo hardware with two more bundles due out December 4th. Inside, you’ll find a pink Nintendo 3DS paired with your choice of nintendogs + cats: French Bulldog and New Friends or nintendogs + [...]

A Battery Powered Chainsaw For Eco-Minded Psychopaths [Desired]

Chainsaws have been used to clearcut forests and terrorize teenage summer camps, so Stihl is hoping to put them in a more friendlier light with their new electric model that swaps the cord for a sixty minute rechargeable lithium-ion battery. More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/SBfyDjwV3IA/a-battery-powered-chainsaw-for-eco+minded-psychopaths L1 IDENTITY SOLUTIONS KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY COMPANY KEY JDS UNIPHASE JDA SOFTWARE GROUP

How Secure is My Password lets you know just that

We’ve all heard it before; you need to select a lengthy password, one that’s hard to guess. Not a dictionary word. And it has to have some capital letters in it too, and some digits, and a symbol or two won’t hurt either. That’s a handy set of rules to keep in mind, but How [...]

Scrambling to compete?

… is really hard with flat feet. Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheIphoneBlog/~3/pac-KoMXjCI/story01.htm QUALCOMM QUANTA COMPUTER RESEARCH IN MOTION ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS SAIC

UPDATES – November 11, 2010

Source: http://elvisdecoded.blogspot.com/2010/11/updates-november-11-2010.html JDS UNIPHASE JDA SOFTWARE GROUP JACK HENRY and ASSOCIATES IXYS ITRON

Has Best Buy Abandoned the PlayBook? (UPDATED) [BlackBerry]

Best Buy launches a big sale on BlackBerry PlayBooks. “Everything’s fine guys!” says BlackBerry. Best Buy dumps its PlayBook stash and doesn’t seem interested in replacing them. “Um, guys? Is this what death feels like?” More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/e00FURCrgt4/does-best-buy-deleting-the-blackberry-playbooks-page-herald-the-end SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY SCIENTIFIC GAMES SANDISK SALESFORCE COM SAIC

First Firefox 6 build next week, Firefox 7 by May, and aurora channel introduced

Mozilla’s Engineering Project Manager, Christian Legnitto, has detailed the release schedule for Firefox 5, 6 and 7. If all goes to plan, Firefox 6.0a1 will be released next week, April 12, and Firefox 7.0a1 in the middle of May. The final build of Firefox 5 should be released on June 21, exactly three months after [...]

Engadget’s Cyber Monday 2011 roundup

Didn’t feel like brawling for two-dollar waffle makers at Wally World this past Black Friday? Don’t fret, because Cyber Monday is just a few hours away — there are literally only a few clicks between you and some awesome online deals. Best of all, you don’t even need leave your abode or bear lines in [...]

Farragomate is a social fridge magnet game where you make up sentences

You know those fridge magnet kits composed of a whole bunch of words? The ones you put all over your fridge door and then try to arrange into all sorts of juvenile and/or amusing sentences. Well, Farragomate is the social, webby version of that very same pastime. You get to play with a bunch of [...]

South Korean Prisons Will Be Run By Robots Next Year [Robots]

We all know that robots make everything better. Somehow, though, I’m not sure the inmates of a South Korean prison will agree when robot guards start appearing next year. More » Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/qwHm5-zee9M/south-korean-prisons-will-be-run-by-robots-next-year ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS ELECTRONIC ARTS ECLIPSYS EASTMAN KODAK CO EARTHLINK

Elvis Presley On Tour, 1972 Outtakes, Love Me Live in Hampton Roads

Source: http://elvispresley-world.blogspot.com/2009/11/elvis-presley-on-tour-1972-outtakes.html INTUIT INTERSECTIONS INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES (IBM)

Crapgadget: BFF Gemz dilute the notion of a best friend (video)

If you want a charm that hangs ’round your neck and glows whenever your friend Missy tells you she loves Justin Bieber, then eMotion Inc has the gadget for you. The BFF Gemz sends pre-written coded messages to pals up to 450 feet away, which they can access the next time they’re at a computer. [...]

Hello Expense is a simple, reliable expense tracker for Android

A good mobile application is a fine balance between simplicity and functionality. You’re using it on the go, so you don’t have a lot of time to sit there and fumble with the phone to figure it all out. But you also need it to be powerful enough to let you do whatever it is [...]

From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

Source: http://elvispresleygalore.blogspot.com/2008/01/from-elvis-presley-boulevard-memphis.html ANIXTER INTERNATIONAL APPLE COMPUTER APPLIED MATERIALS ARIAN SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT ARROW ELECTRONICS

Source: http://gracelandmaspalomas.blogspot.com/2009/04/elvis-is-back-for-2010-european-tour.html SYBASE SUN MICROSYSTEMS STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS SRA INTERNATIONAL SPSS

New software uses facial recognition to defend against prying eyes

Having the right programs and hardware to keep the information on your display safe from prying eyes is never a bad idea, and new software from Oculis Labs offers a very interesting take on how to do just that. It’s called PrivateEye, and it utilizes facial recognition to automatically pixelate the contents of your display [...]

?Promising Unlock? For The iPhone 4S Discovered

Most folks spent their Thanksgiving weekend ensuring that every inch of their intestinal track was thoroughly covered in gravy. Others spent it trying to get just drunk enough that their relative’s worst habits were bearable. Some, however, spent the weekend doing something pretty much only they can do: hacking the heck out of the iPhone. [...]

Bing begins roll out of HTML5-enhanced search interface

Bing’s new HTML5-and-CSS3-enhanced search interface, which was first demonstrated back in September 2010 to showcase the power of IE9, has started to roll out. The most notable addition to the new interface is is smooth page transitions — the fade in and out — and navigation tabs (maps, images, videos, etc.) now persistently float at [...]

Mouse Computer’s LuvBook S heals emotional scars, one Hello Kitty at a time

What the world needs now is just one thing, and that thing is a bejeweled Hello Kitty laptop. Fortunately, Japan’s Mouse Computer is well aware of this, which is why it’s unleashed the LuvBook S, pictured above. Designed in collaboration with Sanrio and Swarovski, this masterpiece is powered by a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i3-2330M [...]

Beautifully Minimal ?Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker?

I’m a sucker for Bluetooth speakers. They make it so easy to play music straight from my iPad or — when my slightly weird friends come to visit — from Android cellphones. No cables, no annoying Wi-Fi AirPlay delays, just simple music. And when the speakers look as good as the HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker, [...]

Deecoded – Dee Presley’s Letter

Source: http://elvisdecoded.blogspot.com/2010/11/transcription-of-dee-presleys-letter-re.html NVIDIA ORACLE POWERCHIP SEMICONDUCTOR PRICELINECOM QIMONDA

The Pharmacist…And The Doctor


Dell posts inaccurate graphics card comparison, promptly removes it and apologizes

Dell‘s latest attempt to promote its high-end GPUs has fallen flat among online consumers, all because of a rather misleading comparison. The snafu stems from the above image, originally posted on the company’s “Help me choose” feature — an online assistant designed to help users customize their Optiplex desktops. At left is a desktop with [...]